By Geisha Bar

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK A dog is dead because it was stashed in an overhead compartment on a United Airlines flight in the US. Are you fucking kidding me? The flight attendant told the family that the dog had to be placed in the overhead compartment. I can’t even deal with this. CABIN VENTILATION DOES NOT REACH THE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENTS. The poor French bulldog apparently cried throughout the flight as it was in such distress, and by the time the plane had landed, they had a dead pup on their hands. What a shitty call from the flight attendant. But as a pet owner, would you not be frantically checking on your pup every 20 minutes as well? Especially when the dog is shut away without air and water for an entire flight? I don’t understand the world. I’m too upset by this news so I’m going to bed now. Cry ☹

Love Akika