More Dollars than Sense?

By Geisha Bar

Another one takes the bait hook, line and sinker.

No doubt you heard. A woman from W.A lost $300,000 in an online romance scam. The same scammer tricked a substantial amount of money from two women from other states too.

Evidence has come to light that Australians are twice as gullible as Americans. Last year, our golden country lost up to $82 million to scams, and more than 91,000 complaints were received by the ACCC. Most of the victims were female, and most of the scams were of a romantic nature. That is a heck of a lot of wool being pulled over lonely heart eyes.

But what does this say about our fine country, where women resort to desperately believing knights in shining fraudulence?

Perhaps, rather than pointing the finger solely at these girls, it’s high time we look at the underlying factors that induce such behaviour. I suggest starting with the Tinder-driven self-serving dating scene.