Don’t Hit Play

By Geisha Bar

Last week, social and news media was lit up with debate on ethics being thrown out the window once an artist gets very big. In addition to other skirmishes, Deadmau5 blogged on the endemic issue of ghosted dj sets by big artists. His post is a reality check after increasing photo and video evidence continues to crop up of big name djs “playing” to some of the most massive festival crowds in the world – with no cdjs or mixers on.
Now, although hotly argued and somewhat shady, ghost production is beginning to begrudgingly gain acceptance. When you consider the reality of a gruelling international tour schedule, innumerable press appearances, as well as running a label, combined with an expectation of a steady flow of releases….well, there’s only so many hours a day. In addition, quality production requires quality studio equipment. Impossible to fit in hand luggage.
But ghost dj’ing? No way jose. As bad as lip syncing. Actually, it’s worse – at least lip sync-ers dance about a bit…sometimes. Hitting the play button and waving your arms isn’t performance. It’s pathetic. Those hands should be on the buttons in front of you. Which should be lit up.
Let’s throw this one out there – what would you do if you found out an act you’d paid to see …only hit play?