This is my end, my only friend.

By Geisha Bar

The final of Game of Thrones is upon us this week and I am sad.

(SPOILER ALERT; do not continue if you are not up to scratch on this show).


It’s sad that a show I’ve enjoyed for years is coming to an end. It’s sad that everyone is currently ripping the shit out of it. It’s sad that it seems to be dying with a whimper.


Game of Thrones was better than this.


Remember how it spent like six entire episodes just on the fact that Tyrion was locked up on trial? Remember how it made us sit through what felt like three months of Arya riding around the country with The Hound?

Remember how it built up this mysterious as fuck interesting character called Varys who was then just randomly killed without any real character wrap-up?


I’m confused.


It sucks that people are being aggressive about the final season, but I definitely understand where they are coming from. There should have been at least one more season to adequately wrap shit up, because the pacing of this show has gone from woah to go, and it has thrown off all the good work that they did in the first few seasons.


How is the final episode going to pan out? My guess is this:
Arya FINALLY uses her Faceless Men skillz and kills Dany.
Jon takes Drogon and heads way up north to live out his days with Ghost, Tormund and the Free Folk.
Tormond is sad because he never sees “the Big Woman” again.

Sansa stays on as Lady of Winterfell and Queen of the North

Tyrion gets the Iron Throne?


Anyway, I’m off to watch now.

Don’t cry for me; I’m already dead.


Xoxoxo Akika