No Need To Flaunt The Engine

By Geisha Bar

I was scrolling through Facebook on the weekend when I saw an article on the popularity of undies as outfit at the recent Grammys. I don’t strive to be a girl who preaches outdated ideas on covering up, but far out, this got me feeling awkward. Then it got me feeling pissed off.
These girls at the top ignorantly come out and send a message that to snatch admiration, you gotta highlight your, well, snatch. How’s that for a night devoted to celebrating talent?
And before anyone accuses me of sexism, Borat in his green mankini made a point of being so offensive it was awkward comedy. Then there is the old question — just how far from the beach are budgie smugglers jocks?
There are certain things not intended for the public domain, and that includes what’s under the hood.