By Geisha Bar

Designer pets are highly popular for their novel appearances, exclusive numbers and rather outrageous names.

However, all these positive attributes are overshadowed by an unnerving similarity to the famous tale – Frankenstein. In this book, the scientist creates a monster where he arrogantly thought he could, god-like, create a humanoid creature with his own hands. As the story progresses, we see the failings of his experiment – both the physical and intangible attributes of his beast.

Designer pets are starting to bear uncanny resemblance to this scenario. Half-wild cats constantly mortally preying upon other pets. Dogs suffering from joints so stunted and twisted that they are unable to walk or play.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. One of the earliest crosses – the French bulldog – has now reached a point of evolution where they cannot reproduce naturally. The female must be artificially inseminated – as well as the puppies removed by c-section.

Each year in Australia alone, approximately 250,000 healthy unwanted dogs and cats in pounds are put to sleep. Whilst unhealthy “aawww sooo cute!” crosses continue to propagate.

I ask you, what is the real cost of breeders arrogantly playing the role of Mother Nature now, and into the future?