Got Game?

By Geisha Bar

As summer eases into autumn, so too does “I’m single, ready to mingle” fade into “I’m single, ready to relationship-kindle”. Is your bed feeling a bit cold? Here’s a quick rundown on where to find the next flame to warm your heart and your Facebook relationship status.
Tinder – as Forbes said, this app changed the way we mate. It’s like tennis – if you got game, you’re set for a match. You think you’re classy and courting – 2 hours later you’re making a racket, balls deep with someone you met over the net. Love, all.
eharmony – definitely the cricket of the dating world. Test for a match takes up to a week and in the end, you can still be all out. You’ll see your fair share of pitches, short-ass stumps and well-trodden creases. Get used to bails if you have too much grass on your wicket. If you’ve found one with a decent batting average — run. Who wants to know that? Gross. The keeper? A Bodyline Belter. Yeah boi.
Oasis – AFL eat your heart out. On this site, it’s all about bagging a goal through the big posts. My advice? Get good at your disposal of crumbers, grubbers, clangers and drop kicks. Clearance is a free ticket to the corridor. If you find a decent one-percenter, call “mine!” and play on.
Sharpen your game this autumn, or you’ll still be driving the joystick and double clicking the mouse come spring.