Get him to the Greek

By Geisha Bar

Let’s face it, men and women have so little in common that I’m amazed we manage to permanently pair off with such monogamous regularity.  Mind you with a 54% divorce rate a question mark over the happiness and compatibility of the other 46% must be raised. Are we really making a good fist of it or are we just keeping up appearances?

Maybe the very civilised ancient Greeks had it right – mating with women but enjoying sex with fellow warriors. For reproductive purposes it made biological sense to impale the female but for company and a good romp on the marble their preference was for well buffed boys.

Today men are more likely to watch the footy and leave the girls to “desperate housewives” but no hetro male would acknowledge a liking of the AFL warriors physique. Would he? This sort of sex was common place in many ancient sophisticated cultures but churches of all denominations seem to have rewritten history because we all know that homosexuality is wrong and sex is meant to be an intimate expression of love between two committed people of opposing sexes. CRAP is the most succinct way to describe the aforementioned religious view. Sex has very little to do with love (a common misconception – especially amongst us women)  and is one of the few human activities, along with war, that allows us to act like the beasts we really are (be it hetro or homo). It is a physical, often aggressive act that owes more to primal instincts than rationale thought. It is sweaty, smelly & raw.

Once stripped bare of the consequences and garments a woman’s sexuality rears up like an untamed brumby. Even the shyest, most prudish of women becomes true to her sexuality, truly losing herself once aroused. How many women love the physicality of aggressive sex – that much quoted thin line between pleasure and pain is an erogenous zone par excellence. Freed of the constrictions of social consequences and the offensive double standards that encompass my “reputation” what woman wouldn’t let her fantasies run wild and her juices flow.

The mere chance of sex is the greatest of all aphrodisiacs. A highly addictive, intoxicating drug that keeps people all over the world (especially men) forever hopeful on a Saturday night. It preys on the rich and the poor, the famous and the obscure, the wise and the foolish. Be he a plumber or a movie star, men of all persuasions constantly crave sex every waking hour. They spend their lives from puberty until death do penis part in the desperate pursuit of pussy…..but as a woman it perplexes me as to why men do so little when they actually get it. Love cums quickly and then they are rarely capable of holding up their end of the bargain. Their lust goes into deep slumber and I often wonder why they bother. Ironically men spend a life obsessing over something they actually have little interest in and men say women don’t make sense !

The bottom line, if you will excuse the pun, is most men just want sex for 3 reasons.
1/ to prove they can get it.
2/ to arouse….I mean erase any thoughts they may be gay
3/ to tell their mates about it so they don’t think they are gay.

You see the ancient Greek habits die hard and if you don’t believe me ask your boyfriend why he loves having anal sex with you but the mere mention of a threesome with another boy instead of a girl will leave him horrified