“Guns & Sex & Rock’n’Roll”

By Geisha Bar

Dan Bilzerian is a venture capitalist poker player (somewhat compulsive), who has made a name for himself online with his social media accounts that he populates with images of scantily-clad gorgeous women, serious guns, fabulous adventures and his adorable little pussy cat Smushball.

Aside from the obvious moral questions raised by Bilzerian’s investment and management of interests across real estate, oil and entertainment – the playboy image the wildboy projects begs critique from multiple perspectives.

As an example, this is not a man for feminists. Recently, Bilzerian stole headlines when he threw a naked pornstar off his roof into the pool. The girl threatened legal action, so the playboy’s lawyer sent a leaked letter shaming her pornstar career, and detailing how she would be held accountable for her part in proceedings. Needless to say, the case against Bilzerian appears to be dropped.

One point to consider – is this all simply a highly curated image? Bilzerian has expressed interest, and indeed acted in multiple movies. How better to get your name out there, than to play the exciting main character in the narrative of your own highly publicised existence? The leaked legal letter read like a piece of fiction – “Your client should just box up…her property (please exclude all videos and photographs, as well as the seemingly inevitable small yappy dog) and drop it off…After [Bilzerian] receives the judgement in his favour…he will probably blow it up with a mortar in the desert.”

The playboy’s image is inflammatory to the point of strategic. However, being that such branding appears to be intrinsic to his personality, when the time comes to tone down the obnoxious, will the media and public allow Bilzerian to move on, or will he always be held accountable for his current antics?

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