By Geisha Bar

The silly season means more than just Christmas presents and New Year’s Eve parties … it also means staff parties and as you can probably imagine, all of the crew here at Geisha love to let our mullets down big time. It’s the night where we let off a bunch of steam together after a huge year of making sure everyone enjoys themselves up at the club!

Needless to say, hangovers are part and parcel of this ritual and the damage can range from feeling slightly jaded, to hate-fucking the porcelain whore. We can mostly all agree that the best cures are going to involve some kind of carb-laden thing dripping in grease, lots of Powerade and perhaps many carefully-worded apologies to people (“I’m sorry, I was so wasted I thought that was MY breast I was grabbing”).

Of course, the line “I’m never drinking again” will be echoed throughout the dismal chambers of your hangover nest, and your co-workers may forevermore refer to your drunken self as some sort of Hulk-like alter-ego (“uh-oh, ‘Wine-Akika’ is coming out to play tonight”). But in the end it’s all good, because you’re actually never drinking again and you really mean it this time.