By Geisha Bar

“only available to those who can afford it and the parking fees! ($6.90 for an adult, $4.70 for concession)”

“Where is the shade over the pools??? Why no shade? I see all these kids swimming today and not one bit of those pools is shaded?? Absolutely appalling. An amazing building nonetheless. Please re consider. this is our pool. We are the ratepayers who funded it… I have sent e-mails to all these people. It is a $5000 solution to make sure our beautiful new pool is well used and ours kids are safe here… I won’t be back until it’s shaded. Shame.”

“A cafe that sells expensive deserts & no hot chips!”

“Only in Australia do we need to spend tons of cash to built swimming pools on the beach.”

“Dumb cunts 26million on a pool when the ocean is fucking 30 meters away”

“It better be ocean water in it. And why charge. Just charge for parking. That should cover it”

“Terminate the sharks and will see more water lover getting back into the ocean and money save.”

“Think about what 26 million could do and they are wasting it on a pool? What a soft lot you West Aussies are.”

“Is this pool gold plated? $26 million could buy 2,000 brand new cars, you could fill up this pool with 20 layers of new cars for the same money. I think someone has misplaced the decimal point, should the pool price be 2.6 million? Is the money to pay for extra parking in this congested place or is parking extra? How much will a swim cost, interest only on $26 million would be several thousand a day, who is going to pay in winter? Where does 26 million go?”

“What a waste of money. $26 million!!!! Are you crazy? So the rich can play at the beachside? It is getting so that ordinary people will not have anywhere to go….It costs so much!”

“is there something wrong with the massive pool called indian ocean?if you dont like the ocean go to your local pool…dont waist my tax payer money on this please”


Welp, I’m off for a swim! Love, Akika xoxoxoxo