Be Kind, Rewind

By Geisha Bar

As we say goodbye to 2018, it is worth thinking about the years gone by. There was once a simpler time, a time that involved rollerblades, $1 mixtures, “young adult” fiction a.k.a. Sweet Valley High, and the hallowed halls of the local Blockbuster video rental store. I’m talking porno titles in an alcove behind a curtain. I’m talking “be kind, rewind.” I’m talking an $11 deal offering 5 weeklies, a new release, a jumbo popcorn and a 2L Coke.

All of that seems so long ago and you would be forgiven for believing that the Blockbuster franchise stands no more. However, you’d be wrong. There are currently two Blockbuster stores in the world trying to claim the title of “last Blockbuster store on Earth”. One is in Bend, Oregon, USA, and the other is right here in Morley, Perth!

Owned by John and Lyn Borszeky, the “little Morley Blockbuster that could” is still signing up new memberships regularly. However, Blockbuster Oregon has a Kickstarter going to fund a feature-length documentary starring themselves, called The Last Blockbuster ($39K raised so far). Fuckin’ preposterous, mate.

So the question for 2019 is, which store will remain open the longest? Which Blockbuster will indeed be the “Last Blockbuster on Earth”?
If you want Perth to claim a mediocre record, then throw all your dollars at Blockbuster Morley to help them stay the long game!

Love, Akika xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox