When to leave your summer fling on the beach

By Geisha Bar

Admit it, you’ve got at least one shall we say, ‘fling’ you wish you’d flung far away much earlier than what eventually happened. Well, Akika is here to save your ass this summer so the adventures can keep on simmering!

Keep in mind these sure signs a quick escape is needed, and your summer lovin’ will stay on track to awesome.

— Her Facebook reads like a “dear diary” of your dates together.
— He wakes you up weekly with “be a darl, and grab me the puke bucket love?”
— You’re not quite sure how it happened, but somehow you know her dream engagement ring.
— He wants updates on your daily activity with military precision.
— The only constant thing about her is her inconstant attitude.
— You have to remind him “the dog ate my phone” isn’t an excuse in anyone’s books… especially when holding the phone in question. Which is in perfectly good condition.