Lullabies just got Sexy

By Geisha Bar

A brilliant sound engineer in England, Kaffe Matthews, has designed the thing we have all been waiting for – sonic beds. In Matthews’ own words – “These beds with speakers immersed in their upholstery, create situations that transform the listening experience for the sitter into a stimulating and sensual massage, turning ‘weird’ or ‘boring’ music into something meaningful. All kinds of people would queue for hours, have very different experiences and talk of the musical as well as physical and psychological sensations they have had afterwards.”
The design includes a ‘box’, which extends up the sides of the bed, and has a very respectable 12 channel speaker system. This effectively creates a secluded space where two listeners are transported aurally, physically and emotionally on an intimate journey through scintillating soundscapes.
Lullabies just got sexy.