“More Crumpet Please”

By Geisha Bar

Is monogamy a realistic ambition in todays hyper drive “amoral” world? You will note I chose the term “amoral” and not “immoral”because we have journeyed way beyond a simplistic dichotomy between right and wrong. Our world is now truly amoral in that we don’t violate moral principles because they no longer constitiue part of our belief system. It’s not that people can’t tell right from wrong it’s the fact that it isn’t even relevant anymore.

Moral ambivalence is our guiding light, lounging with the casual acceptance that the “one”is not the accepted norm, monogamy is old and outdated, like last seasons look. Consumerism has been taken to its natural conclusion, absolute freedom of choice and built in obsolescence but we aren’t tlaking products here…..we are talking people.

I often read the writings of pop culture humourist Chuck Klosterman who is a mid western cross between Hunter S. Thompson and P.J OO’Rourke, albeit without the drugs and preachy politics. Chuck encapsulated the decline of monogamy beautifully when speaking of a friend who was seeing the perfect girl. This girl was gorgeous, intelligent, thoughtful and caring, blessed with the flawless combination of hedonistic intent and girl next door sweetness. By any standards she was the “one” for Chuck’s mate and she loved him dearly BUT…..

His mate was adamant the romance would never last…..Chuck was shocked and questioned his friend….”What singular quality would this woman need to make this relationship a success?”…..his iinstant response “The ability to be nine other women”

This is the crux of the problem. Why settle for the chocolate brownie for life, when you can have the pavlova, iced cup cake and lemon tart as well. Why eat the smae sweet every day when you can have a different treat each day of the week. This is the quandry facing us all….variety isn’t the spice of life, it’s a basic neccessity for a society whose boredom threshold has reached the point of no return.