By Geisha Bar

Unless you’ve been strung out on heroin for the past decade, you would be familiar with Movember, which is the new Christmas for men young and old alike. Much like girls loving Halloween for the excuse to wear slutty roleplay outfits (fuck-me boots and animal ears – together at last!), men love the month of November because it gives them an excuse to mimic Tom Selleck (or Vincent Price if you have style).
Australia can take pride in the knowledge that Movember was actually launched on our soil, in Adelaide in 1999 – thought up by a group of men at the pub (where else!?). SInce then, men around the world have bonded via moustache every Movember to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and other diseases pertaining mainly to the y-chromosome. It’s an excellent cause to encourage men to address health issues and to minimise the “she’ll be right” attitude so commonly adopted by rugged manly men when it comes to getting checkups.
The fellas participating in Movember are governed by a few rules:
1. You must begin the month completely clean-shaven. That means no head starts for the late bloomers (I’m looking at you, Susan Boyle).
2.You must grow and groom a moustache for the entire month – no bailing early for weddings or funerals, guys.
3. Under no circumstances may you allow your moustache and your sideburns to converge – that’s what we call a beard, stupid.
4. Under no circumstances may you allow your moustache and your chin hair to converge – because that would be a goatee.
If you want to register, it’s not too late! Guys and gals can get involved here: https://www.movember.com/au/register/
Let all your friends know you’re doing it and get some dollars rolling in for this fucking worthy cause!