Ode to the Weekend

By Geisha Bar

I love to dance, to feel the beat

To clap my hands, to stomp my feet

Acting like kids though we’re fully grown,

Letting the DJ bring it home

Time for kick ons, watching the dawn

Crank it up when you see your friend yawn

Giant Jenga, funk house and beers,

This is my Saturday for many years.

Before you know it, the sun goes down,

And you’re getting ready to head back to town

For another genre, a touring spinner

It’s now day two and you’re onto a winner.

Come Sunday morn with your loyal crew,

Smoking darts and playing cards is what we do.

Until its time to put our weary selves to bed,

Another Monday is here to dread.

But have no fear my virgin whores,

Before you know it you’ll be back for more!

Love, Akika xoxoxoxooxoxoxox