Paris Hilton – female DJ of the Year

By Geisha Bar

Paris Hilton has won a Female DJ of the Year thanks to the French radio station NRJ. What the actual Fuck??
After a weekend where Geisha Bar hosted an amazing set from Laura Jones I find this especially insulting. Furthermore she was up against the likes of Nervo – who (love them or hate them), whilst being models, can at least be argued to be talented producers and dj’s. Video footage tells us Paris wouldn’t know her cdj from mixer if a gun was at her head.
Is this indicative of the uglier side of electronic music we all try to ignore? Is this also indicative of the change that needs to happen around how women are perceived and treated in the industry?
Last but not least – when are we going to have all-encompassing DJ of the Year awards and get rid of this silly gendered BS?