Rage Mode Enabled

By Geisha Bar

I’m a badass Japanese Aussie nerd girl.

If one more basement-dwelling sleaze says to me “smartass / bedroom dj / gamer girl so hawt” — I will engage in some serious Mortal Kombat.
Let me put a big one out there. I don’t clock video games, smartass strangers or dabble in dj’ing for sexual attention. No one’s attractive at 3:30am on a Tuesday morning, screaming blue murder down the game headset, following two nights of trolling chatrooms and searching for that perfect intro track.
Recently hanging in an online chat room, I was having an absolute ball bringing jokes to the table like mama brings dumplings to yum cha on Sundays.
Then it was discovered that this smartass is a girl. Prevailing attitude?

Fast followed by intrusive interrogation to prove that I am female. Private messages off the chain. Yes, I know what a joystick is!

……I’m surprised theirs never left the packaging.