Reclaim V Day

By Geisha Bar

When did it become so cool to hate on Valentine’s Day?
Saint Valentine was martyred on the 14th of February, so at its origin, this is a day of standing up for what you believe in. Voicing your support for who (or what) you passionately love.
Yes, Hallmark has hijacked the day – but throwing out your romantic baby with the bathwater is like refusing to eat simply because Coles and Woolworths are forever embroiled in a battle that ousts small independent grocers.
The other argument I hear is “but you should demonstrate love all the time, not just one day a year”. Yes, that’s true – but using that logic, we should cancel our birthdays, Christmases, Mothers’ Days and Fathers Days’. What an austere existence with no celebration! Can you imagine it? May as well boycott champagne and cake too.
Let’s reclaim Valentine’s Day! Burn your paramour a mixtape cd – re-kindle dwindling flames. Find a secluded beach – discover a deeper connection with your lover. Nobody leaves baby in the corner. As night dances across the sky, move to the groove with your honey at the ever-sexy Kinky Malinki.
Oh, and please don’t say hi if you see me – I have my own sexy plans, if you know what I mean…