The songs we carry inside us

By Geisha Bar

This past weekend, I was chilling at the bar getting acquainted with a martini when a bubbly group of dancefloor kittens minxed through the door. They ordered champagne and continued with their animated conversations. I thought they were completely oblivious to the delicious music warming the room, when one doe-eyed bambi leapt straight up and squeaked “OMG THIS SONG!” When her girlfriends didn’t get the point of her expectant gaze, she hopped about a bit, and announced “to the dancefloor NOW girls! Quick, bring your glass cos I WANT TO DANCE”. This girl then lead the newly inspired conga line of kitties front and centre dancefloor.
I’m a curious kitty myself, and I was intrigued by this impressive reaction. So my martini, my iPhone and I did a little research.
It turns out, when listening to music, your brain is busily creating and tying a memory to that song. So, “OMG THIS SONG” could probably just as easily be “OMG THAT KISS” or “OMG DANCING WITH MY BESTIE”. It also turns out this very act of memory recall when listening to a familiar song is actually good for the brain.
Speaking of good for you – here’s some other fun facts on music…
Listening to just one hour of dance music increases your levels of antibodies. Great for battling that mid-winter cold! It is also shown to have a dramatically positive effect on mood and re-energises you. All this leads to greater enthusiasm for physical activity.
Well, maybe next week I make that martini a fruity strawberry daiquiri — and get my booty-wiggling moves on. Talk about good for the body and soul!
So, tell me housecats — which songs do it for you?