Gardening Season

By Geisha Bar

Sunday Nov 18 heralded the return of summer! I refer of course, to the Habitat Garden Party: Start of Summer Edition!!!!
Promising “music and mayhem with sweeping lakeside views, like-minded people, relaxed dress code, unpretentious atmosphere, epic sunset and sumptuous house vibes”, Habitat’s garden parties always deliver the lot for me (though the lakeside views admittedly were a welcome first for me!).
It has been my firm experience that music connects us, and I have found most of my beautiful friends in Perth through the music scene here. The aforementioned ideals of like-minded people and an unpretentious atmosphere is exactly what makes Geisha my home, and garden parties my safe yet crazy space. A lot of us who are drawn to music are oddballs ourselves, and gatherings like this provide for me the immense treat of meeting people that are also a bit left-of-centre, and people who see and respect each other as equals. It’s hard to describe the unique feeling of a house music family, but those of you who frequent any of these events will know where I’m coming from. From the memories made during pregaming before the event, to the memories lost afterwards at the kick-ons (feat. that exact glass outdoor table with the green striped chairs and overflowing ashtrays, don’t pretend you don’t know it), these are family vibes with our sisters from other misters and our brothers from other mothers.
House to me isn’t just about the music, it’s about the whole atmosphere. House lends itself as a soundtrack to some of the most scintillating experiences in my life and turns the dial up on any situation from “average” to “anything is possible.” Maybe that’s just my take on it, but it’s undeniable – the moment I hear a DJ fire up and weave their magic, I’m a goner!

Love, Akika xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo