Summers over!

By Geisha Bar

I’m a winter person. There I said it. You can have your disapproval and suncream bottles – but hear me out.
– The havoc of humidity;
The last few years, Perth has had a bad case of “Go home Perth, you’re drunk on Thai fishbowl cocktails”. The weather has been like something out of South East Asia! My hair looks like Cousin It and I’m as sweaty as the proverbial pig.
– The terror of sunburn:
Bad sunburn is actually one of the most traumatising experiences ever. You’ve got searing pain every moment and that deep-rooted Catholic-like guilt about skin damage. So I become a vampire which breeds cabin-fever and colourful curses.
– The disappointment of no appetite:
I love food. Steaks, cakes and pasta extravaganzas – the more the merrier. Summer ruins that for me. My appetite walks out the door as soon as the hot weather walks in. After an initial month of denial and force-feeding myself dinners I thought I wanted, I give in and retire to the couch to brood on sunburn, bad hair days and cabin fever.
As the leaves fall, my spirits rise. Lovely hair, daylight roaming and indulgent cuisine – I welcome you with open arms.