By Geisha Bar

In the latest stupidity headlines ….

“US Man Buys His 6yo Daughter A Pistol To Fight Back In Case Of School Shooting.” WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Duuuuuuude. A SIX YEAR OLD. When I was six years old I thought that chewing gum literally would get stuck to my ribs. I also thought that people didn’t die, they would just come back to life next month, like a wee holiday. My parents would not have put a gun in my hand back then. Heck, they wouldn’t even have put a gun in my hand at 21, let alone six. Joshua McDonald, the gun-happy father, defended his actions, saying that school shootings were now so commonplace he wanted his daughter, Adrianna to be protected. So, he bought her a .22 calibre Ruger pistol. I hope for the kid’s sake that she doesn’t accidentally become a murderer when she is too young to even understand the consequences. Look at what is apparently now being considered as reasonable action in USA, because of the inaction of authority to do the ‘reasonable’ thing – aka, tighten gun control laws and ban assault rifles. On the other hand, this family now has a much higher chance of killing each other, statistically speaking, which is rather Darwinian.

Metro UK reported that “unlike gun control advocates Mr McDonald doesn’t believe in banning AR-15 rifles to stop school shootings, instead putting his faith in some of Donald Trump’s policies like arming teachers.” So he puts his faith in policies enforced by Donald Trump, the same man who just last week proudly signed a memorandum that bans most transgender individuals from serving in the US military. ‘Murica.