“The Truth About Clichés”

By Geisha Bar

Home baked and plentiful just like your grandma used to make. Adages from another time, truisms that have become more deceitful through the generations, wise advice in a world where wisdom counts for little and old age is something that revolts the young….”Love conquers all”….”Money isn’t everything”…”Beauty is only skin deep”…”What goes around comes around”and my personal favourite….”There is good in everyone”.


Today love is a passing fad, money changed everything and beauty is worshipped with a zeal that would make Jesus wonder why he bothered getting nailed up. When someone tells you “it’s good experience” be under no illusion, you have just lost and anyone that believes that what goes around comes around is living a lie cause it DOES NOT. The corrupt (like cheats) always prosper, expediency is the mother of invention not merit and the guy who charmed you into bed with words of love never holds you quite as warmly once he and morning cum.


One thing for certain, the cookie always crumbles and if you don’t attend to spilt milk the odour is disgusting. There is bad and good in every race but is there good in everyone?…Bitter experience tells me no way Jose but maybe everyone is pretty on the inside….If I could just smash this rock on offending heads we can kill two birds with one stone and hopefully get some blood from it. This nice girl has no intention of finishing last!