Time to Banish Bedroom Stage Fright

By Geisha Bar

As the weather heats up, thoughts turn sexy and romantic. A big mood killer is the ignominious performance anxiety suffered by both sexes. How to turn this around, and make the most of summer lovin’? Drop the pressure and follow these handy tips;

Jump in the car with your paramour. Head down the beach. Go swimming. Hot sun, cool ocean, wet bathing suits…. game set match on switching the dial to sexy. Turn it up to blazing with hot dancing on the d-floor. I hear Geisha’s is divine wink emoticon

Open your mouth aaaaand *drum roll* talk about what you like! 2 way dialogue-style.

Curiosity killed the cat (with pleasure).

Picture your audience (of one) naked. Lol jokes, they probably already are.

Chuck out the porn and check out #realworldsex at https://makelovenotporn.tv/

Ok, ready for the controversial? Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about your partner. Chances are if you’re making them feel reeeeal good, then your own confidence will be a lovely flow on effect.

Bonus tip? Slip slop slap and don’t forget to pack a rubber hat (or six)!