Weekend Wildlife

By Geisha Bar

Every club has its own wildlife. Geisha has a fantastic array.

There’s the parrots on the footpath chattering and punctuating their sentences with well-timed exhalations of cigarette smoke.

As you approach the door, you’ll see our cool kitties guarding the entrance.

In the queue – a few poodles and a couple of young excited pups. Walk up the stairs, music floods your veins. Welcome to the jungle.

Bird enthusiasts – get prepared for a field day! Flamingoes and peacocks strut about with glamourous purpose, while leopards and panthers dressed in classy black elegantly prowl the perimeter.

Social butterflies flit about doing their “hellooooo’s” and “how are you daaaarlings?” Cuddly bears dish out hugs-to-go.

Do you like to move it move it? Check the dance floor — lemurs, penguins with their happy feet and new-to-heels bambis all get down to the groove.

Hhmm let me see now — do you think I’ve missed anyone….?