Work-Life-Stalk Balance

By Geisha Bar

It’s that time of year again where I struggle the most – uni exams period. It’s not that I’m not a (somewhat) diligent student during the semester, it’s just that when it comes to the end of the semester I feel like I don’t know ANYTHING. How is that even possible? I go to all my lectures, I listen, I take notes, and yet right now I feel like if an exam was sprung on me, I would struggle to answer 25% of it.

Why is it, then, that every time this happens, I managed to cram the shit out of the subject and end up with really good exam marks? I do pretty shit on the internal stuff (it’s like there is some part of me that, I dunno, hates putting in consistent effort for weeks at a time?), which means that in order to keep my GPA respectable, I have to rely on using the exams to bring my grades up.

And that’s where the trouble lies. I hate having to hibernate for 2-3 weeks twice a year! Saying no to my friends, to awesome guest DJs, saying no to boozy lunches and to Garden Parties, it just gives me the biggest case of FOMO and self-pity. Basically, for these study periods, my top priority is study, my second priority is sleep, and my third priority is regular exercise. Those are NOT FUN PRIORITIES! ☹

So, while feeling sorry for myself, I find myself procrastinating studying by stalking my various lecturers and professors on Facebook (that’s not creepy or anything, is it?). Sometimes, they’re really boring. Often, they don’t exist. But today, I found GOLD! One of my lecturers (we’ll call him Dr. X) has a Facebook and after a hefty stalk I discovered that he is super involved with Burning Man! And he has a crazy tripper Burner pseudonym that all the Burners know him by! And he makes lots of Burning Man sculpture art. And his profile pic is him topless playing the bongo drums. And now he is my favourite lecturer ever.

And that is why I do still sometimes love exam study.

Love, Akika xoxoxooxoxoxoxox