A Worthwhile Detour

By Geisha Bar

Whilst spending a week at my mothers place I was forced to do something I haven’t done for about 3 years…..watch free to air tv.

The choice was simple. Sit and talk to my mom (who I love dearly but drives me somewhat insane, particularly with her constant talk about the direction my life is taking) or stare blankly at a tv with her (this counts as spending time together so I get brownie points for it). Obviously I chose the latter.

Without rambling on in my usual way I will just say that I found a new comedy on ABC and have not laughed so hard until I cried for quite some time. Some of you may already know the show and it has been around for 7 years so I realize I am jumping on the bandwagon a bit late but for those who haven’t seen it “do yourself a favour” as Molly would say…..here is a sample