Akika says: Bullshit

By Geisha Bar

Ivan Fandino, a 36 year old matador has recently died in the ring – he had tripped on his cape and the bull gored him, piercing his lung, leading to death in the ambulance afterward.

Naturally, the internet had a few things to say, namely that he was a horrible jerk who deserved what he got. I personally think that bullfighting is completely barbaric and unnecessary, and that it’s a horrific and inhumane waste of bulls’ lives.

I find it really interesting to see how much black-and-white hatred people wish upon others with nothing but a one-dimensional idea of who that person might have been. Could it not be that perhaps Senor Fandino was a product of his culture? Sure, attack that matador’s character. But what kind of society allows a dude who was born in the 80s (so, very recent!) to grow up thinking that being a matador is an honour to begin with? My bet is that Fandino is just a regular rural Spaniard, who found a way out of his pop. 4000 hometown – simply another product of his antiquated culture. And for that he shouldn’t receive our self-righteous vengeful words of scorn.

This is just another tragedy to add to every other life that has been lost to this barbaric practice.
Don’t hate the player; hate the game.