Akika says: No love

By Geisha Bar

We well and truly live in a time whereby open homophobia and hate speech against anyone who flies a rainbow flag is NOT FUCKING OKAY. Margaret Court should definitely be renamed because it’s abhorrent to think that anybody who speaks such backward and intolerant views deserves to have any kind of public honour. A full boycott by all Australian tennis professionals until the stadium is renamed is the best approach to show people like Court that the emerging generations of this country WILL NOT TOLERATE HOMOPHOBIC COMMENTS!

Unfortunately, homophobia often goes hand in hand with fundamental Christianity and it seems that the main requirements for joining that club are missing half your brain, and having no ability to think critically. Margaret Court won’t fly with QANTAS because they support same-sex marriage. WHAT A BIG LOSS. That’s like a solo bogan threatening to leave Telstra because they don’t want to pay their phone bill. Does she have any idea how much nobody actually gives a flying fuck about having such a twat as a customer? Gee QANTAS, I sure hope losing the remainder of Margaret Court’s years as a potential patron of the skies won’t send you broke. Hint: She’s so old that she can probably medically only fly for ca. three more years anyway so it’s not big loss. Go fuck yourself, you irrelevant fossil.

In unrelated news, I hear that tennis is a great sport in which to meet other flaming gays, so get yourself down to your local tennis club for some heavy flirting 😉

Love, Akika