Botoxic Attitudes

By Geisha Bar

Now that spring is here, it’s time to start thinking about rejuvenation. Rebirth. Reinvention, even. As I looked into the mirror this morning, I felt … kinda old looking. At almost 26, I’ve gotten myself a few grey hairs and some smile lines are starting to make an appearance on my formerly youthful visage.

And so I started thinking about ways to trick the hands of time. Preventative shit, things like that – and there have been so many girls that I meet out clubbing that have been quick to recommend Botox. When I was temping in an office a few years ago, there was a 21-year-old guy getting it done regularly (his name was Stu and he was FABULOUS and I kind of wanted to be him). But when I bring up the subject of Botox with people, I get all kinds of obnoxious reactions.

“Oh don’t be stupid, you’re only 25! You don’t NEED it.”

“Isn’t that a bit … vain?”

“What?! Honey, you are gorgeous just the way you are.”

That’s the thing – I AM gorgeous just the way I am, so why is it ridiculous that I would want to try and stay the way I am for as long as I can? I don’t think it’s vanity to want to wake up and feel good about myself. Feeling youthful for as long as I can is going to be what inspires me to live a youthful and energised life for a lot longer than if I DIDN’T feel fresh and youthful. Self-esteem is not a problem here – of course I don’t feel like I’ll be “less than” if I age.

I just think it’s really weird that people are so anti these kinds of procedures. They can do incredible things nowadays, what’s wrong with treating ourselves to available treatments? Surely it’s no different than getting your hair or nails done. Maybe women just need to stop seeing each other as competition, and instead support each other for our decisions on how to adorn and adjust our own bodies!

Anyway, if you’re religiously getting Botox, or if you’re not and you never would, then either way I salute you and your right to your decision. And I hope that women slowly stop being so damn judgy of each other!

Love, Akika xoxoxooxxo