One for the bucket list

By Geisha Bar

Today I learned that there is a pub that is in 2 different countries!

The Kalin Tavern straddles the Slovenia-Croatia border, so you can have a drink standing in two separate countries if you have your feet on either side of the green line that traverses the floor, marking the border.

The restaurant part of the tavern is in Slovenia, whilst you can have a game of pool or take a piss in Croatia. The landlord of the pub, Sasha Kalin, is also half Slovenian and half Croatian. The pub serves Slovenian beer and pays taxes to the Slovenian government, but they have both a Slovenian phone number and a Croatian phone number!

When Yugoslavia got split into Croatia and Slovenia in 1991, the new division was drawn right through the pub, and so the Kalin Tavern was granted dual nationality. The road that the pub is on was blocked off, so the pub is now at a dead end with large concrete borders to prevent any drivers crossing the border. Outside, there is a border station for both countries, and if you want to go through then you have to show a passport.

The pub is 180 years old, and according to locals, there is always a Croatian border patrol guard outside on the Croatian side, but the Slovenians are far more loose, rocking up in a car for half an hour at a time every now and then.

I am so going to visit this place one day! I love little weird things like this <3

Love, Akika xoxoxoxooxoxox