Oh mi goreng

By Geisha Bar

Just when you thought you had turned your back on carbs, a true hero emerges strong to win back your heart. That’s right. Someone has created a delicacy that is pure carb-on-carb gone wild, to fulfil all your filthy carb desires.
For a casual $9.50 at The Dutch Smuggler, a café in Sydney, you can score yourself a Mi Goreng toasted cheese sandwich. It’s made the list of “Sydney’s Best Sandwiches” and has been lauded by food critics as “the epitome of stoner cuisine.”

As a quick aside, I do want to say that the epitome of stoner cuisine for me personally was when my friend who is a head chef cooked us up a chicken pasta bake with truffle sauce that contained a shitload of cannabutter. We ate it whilst watching Eurovision and we couldn’t leave the couch for hours. I’d like to see a $10.50 sandwich do THAT!

But if you don’t have a gourmet chef and a bunch of cannabutter at your disposal, I’m sure the Mi Goreng frankensandwich would be a close second in the comfort food stakes. It sounds like something a uni student would cry into at 4am after seeing her boyfriend pash another girl at the club. It sounds like the purest antidote to heartbreak and poverty angst, and if it were music it could very well be the soundtrack to your uni years.

The sandwich is described as “a bed of expertly seasoned instant noodles mixes with spicy mayo, the busted yolk from a fried egg and melted cheddar cheese.”

Sign me up, daddy.

Love, Akika xoxoxoxoxo