By Geisha Bar

Want to travel on the cheap? Want to fuck randoms along the way? Why not do both?

Tindersurfing, a term coined by Belgian Anthony Botta, on his Youtube channel Zebotta, has been doing exactly this. He documents his adventures on his channel, and has never been short of a place to stay. Travelling around Europe, Botta has his sights set on New Zealand (as it’s pretty much the opposite side of the world to Belgium) and is loving the journey thus far. He has stated that the country with the hottest girls is Poland, his best night out so far has been Poland, and the best sex he has ever had has been in – you guessed it – Poland (in my next life, I want to be Polish)!

Speaking to Newshub, Botta stated that the only regrettable encounter he experienced was when he found out his host was half an hour out of the city centre, not the five minutes she had claimed, and when he finally got there, he had to wait to have a shower – because she does her dishes in the shower! Apart from this, his other hosts have been great fun, and the people he has met along the way have been awesome.

In Poland, Botta was lucky enough to meet Karolina Kowalkiewicz, a UFC champion. He rocked up to her gym and her coaches helped him set up a training session with her the very next day. Despite all this fun Tindersurfing, Botta does have a regular job in marketing, but plans to do Tindersurfing on a more long-term plan once his current contract is up.

Ladies of Australia, start your engines – he may be headed down under