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Ivan Fandino, a 36 year old matador has recently died in the ring - he had tripped on his cape and the bull gored him, piercing his lung, leading to death in the ambulance afterward. Naturally, the internet had a few things to say, namely that he was a horrible jerk who deserved what he got. I...
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Shitty housemate situations – we’ve all been there. The guy who refuses to do literally any form of cleaning or tidying up after himself. The girl who never pays her bills on time yet suspiciously always has money to go out and get herself skanky shit from Supre to go clubbing every week. The...
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Akika says: No love

By Geisha Bar
We well and truly live in a time whereby open homophobia and hate speech against anyone who flies a rainbow flag is NOT FUCKING OKAY. Margaret Court should definitely be renamed because it’s abhorrent to think that anybody who speaks such backward and intolerant views deserves to have any kind of...
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Hands up if you’re still on the clock when you’re not at work. Hands up if you constantly get non-urgent but still work-related text messages or emails from your boss outside of work hours. Hands up if you’re sick of it. 27 years ago, a wonderful thing happened to us – the...
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Um… how do you handle days when you don’t know what to do or say or think? I just lay in bed and order food, but I don’t think that’s such a good idea. So I’m gonna ramble on until I figure out what would be better. I’m talking of course, about those dreaded bender enders. D-Day plus...
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Just wanting to have a wee rant this week about a video that I’ve seen shared around Facebook a bit. About a month ago, a family (dad, mum, two year old and a baby) were kicked off a Delta flight after the dad held up the flight by arguing with air stewards. The online furore was palpable! How...
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As a female who doesn’t want to have children, it’s always been my responsibility to ensure that I’ve taken the necessary precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancy. For over ten years I’ve endured injections, daily pills and foreign objects inserted into my body in the name of hormonal...
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I’m getting pretty fucking tired of these indignant soccer mums having a go at vidya games. “Won’t somebody think of the children!?” they howl over their second stale biscotti at Dome. The baby boomer mother argument about video games is that it encourages kids to be violent and...
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Ever meet someone incredible at a club? Possibly you end up going home with them. Perhaps you end up staying up all night. And staying in bed all day the next day talking. And then you stay another night. And spend another half a day in bed talking, before remembering that you did have a life...
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Following last week’s post about vetting your own online presence, it seems only fitting that this week we consider Constance Hall. For those of you who haven’t come across this woman, she was a contestant on Big Brother and was subsequently booted off for lying about her relationship status...
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