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Ever meet someone incredible at a club? Possibly you end up going home with them. Perhaps you end up staying up all night. And staying in bed all day the next day talking. And then you stay another night. And spend another half a day in bed talking, before remembering that you did have a life...
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Following last week’s post about vetting your own online presence, it seems only fitting that this week we consider Constance Hall. For those of you who haven’t come across this woman, she was a contestant on Big Brother and was subsequently booted off for lying about her relationship status...
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In today’s world, where an oversaturated social media presence is the norm for most people, it raises some questions about employment and your online activity. Do employers care? Should you? According to a US survey from 2016, employers do care – and you should, too. The survey showed that...
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It looks like our New Zealand neighbours are getting some international recognition lately for some of their awesome corporate attitudes to gender fluidity and non-binary gender recognition. The Regent Theatre, in the small southern town of Dunedin, has recently installed a toilet sign that...
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“That’s why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they’d call them something else.” - Jim Baker consoling his heart-broken daughter Samantha in the film Sixteen Candles. Crushes are fucking brutal. I myself have been battling a crush this year, and I don’t understand how people...
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Yesterday my sister-in-law and I popped down to the pub to see my brother, who had just finished playing in a golf tournament with a few friends – including my ex, who I am still technically married to, but have been separated from for about ten years (we got married SUPER young, far too young to...
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As a single person of the female persuasion, I decided to give this whole Tinder thing a whirl. The whole thing started out somewhat innocently; I naively thought that it would be the best place to meet other single people, and so armed with some deceptive pseudo-attractively “well-lit” and...
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Now that the last days of summer have departed, leaving many of us wistfully gazing at photos from our summer shenanigans, we are left wondering … what now? It’s no secret that winter encourages the “Solo Netflix and Chill” monster lurking within us, therefore it’s now more than ever...
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So, you have yourself a lifelong BFF. And then your BFF meets herself a new, more sexually-satisfying bae. And then those two motherfucking baes go off into the romantic sunset and suddenly you’re the fat cunt sharing a bucket of KFC with precisely nobody and watching reruns of The OC laughing by...
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Mill Love
It seems that everywhere you turn there is a new headline along the lines of “Tinder Has Ruined Romance”, “Hookup Culture Has Replaced True Love”, or “Millennials: All They Want To Do Is Fuck and Run Because Love is Too Scary”. Yes offense to mainstream media, but I definitely do...
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